Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, Ashleigh Banfield filled in for an interview with one of the eyewitnesses (in silhouette) of the Trayvon Martin killing.

Here are some snippets (quotes) from the interview, which contradict what she says from one sentence to the next. You can view the full interview HERE for yourself. The eyewitness even has her own lawyer, and still no one has been arrested for the killing.

“Two men on the ground and something really horrible is happening,” but she calls Trayvon a boy in earlier statements.

“I was looking at the two men on the ground and heard the gunshot”

One thing I found strange was the eyewitness said that the larger man got up off the other one, when they were tussling around on the ground and walked away after the gunshot. From what I know, Trayvon was the bigger man, over six feet tall.

“I will just say a couple of seconds later the larger man was walking closer to where I could see him.”

I’m no big fan of Ashleigh Banfield since she has been on CNN’s Early Start every morning for the past few months. Although she did a good interview last night, but I’m wondering if those were her questions.

It seems as long as she sticks to the script, she does just fine.

UPDATE: Oops, she did blow it, Banfield called the “larger man” Hispanic, which the eyewitness did not say, she injected that in herself. Check it out HERE.

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