Toronto, Canada – A Toronto company Metron Construction plead guilty for the deaths of four migrant workers who fell to their deaths from a faulty scaffold on Christmas Eve,  2009.

One worker, Dilshod Marupov survived and is still recovering from the 13 floor fall.

Yesterday they were fined $200,000 and although the owner Joel Swartz, 53, had pleaded guilty, his charges were dismissed. Swartz was charged with two other company executives with criminal negligence causing death back in early October 2010. A video of the charges being laid can be seen HERE.

It was the first time an owner had been charged in the deaths of workers in Ontario with a criminal offence while they were on a construction site.

It was reported in the Vancouver Sun.

The company was expected to get up to a $ million fine and the fine that was assessed appears to be very lenient. The fact that Swartz did not go to jail, is astounding for their negligence.

Four people’s lives are only worth $50,000 each? It’s shameful, and why is there not more of a upraor from the public?

Joel Swartz owner of Metron Construction avoids jail, and why?

So many questions, no answers.

UPDATE: In a statement by Jeol Swatz you can see how he is trying to muddy the waters and blame it on the workers for not putting the safety belt on while they finish their work for the day on Christmas Eve.

I’m not buying it, Swartz should have gone to jail for this criminal action, even though he tries to blame it on the owner of the swing stage, where the workers fell to their deaths 13 floors.

“Swartz was also sentenced to pay $90,000 for the four charges under the province’s Occupational Health and Safety Act in the four deaths.”

“The company and Swartz were also ordered to pay a victim surcharge totalling $52,500 — bringing the total fines to $342,500.”

Let’s never forget these young migrant workers who tragically died from a preventable accident if the rules were followed, Fayzullo Fazilov, Aleksey Blumberg, Alexander Bondorev, and Vladimir Korostin.

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