Elliot Lake, Ontario –Rescue crews have been called off the scene of a fatal mall collapse in Elliot Lake, Ontario: The structure is simply too dangerous to send people into.”

This cannot be true, in Ontario, we just quit searching because of the dangers to rescuers? Isn’t that why we have extensively trained expert rescuers, for times such as this?

This was at Algo Mall, the only major one in town, 100 miles west of Sudbury and it is just a two storey structure with a parking lot on top, like most malls in North America and around the world.

What would have happened if we received an earthquake the size of Haiti, would we have just left everyone to die after two days? This is unacceptable, and downright embarrassing, to the residents of this great province and the residents of Elliot Lake, largely a retirement community.                                                           Click map to enlarge.

After a lengthy protest from the survivors looking for their loved ones, and a call to Premiers Dalton McGuinty’s office they are now taking a second look, and rightfully so.

Hopefully, rescue efforts will get underway as soon as possible, and the remaining missing people can be saved.

The next step must be to conduct a thorough investigation on why the rescue efforts were called off after just two days, to let possibly surviving victims die in the rubble while many wanted to help.

Let’s get our priorities straight, and save people, even when there may be a possible risk, we deserve it to all our residents.

UPDATE: Two bodies have been removed and rescuers believe there are no more to find.

Read more about Elliot Lake in the Toronto Star HERE

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