Toronto, Canada – Christopher Husbands has been charged with murder in the killing of Ahmed Hassan and six other patrons were shot at the Eaton Centre this past weekend.

Husbands is awaiting trial  for a sexual assault from 2010 when he was under house arrest.

One pregnant women was trampled while people rushed to get out of the mall, however she is recovering in hospital with her unborn child.

A 13-year-old boy visiting Toronto for the day from Port Hope (two hours east of Toronto) was also shot in the head and is recovering well in the hospital but still in critical condition.

Police have not said what kind of gun was used and some reports have indicated it was a machine gun, but police did not disclose any further information. There were at least 12 shots fired in the crowded food court in the basement of the mall which is still closed.

Husbands is known to police, but for some reason they have not released a picture of him to the media.

He is in custody and his next court date will be in August, but must attend court for sexual assault charge from 2010, on June 25th. The issue of bail has not been addressed but it is expected he will be held until trial.

UPDATE: June 6/2012 – It was revealed today that Husbands had been working for the City of Toronto in their after school program at Stan Wadlow Park Clubhouse in East York. He had been under house arrest when he went to the Eaton Centre, and allegedly shot Hassan.

The city has said as of today, they will do background checks on all employees, since one was never done on Husbands. Parents are outraged that he could work around children, while he was out on bail for sexual assault and drugs.

The city is also changing their hiring guidelines to weed out anyone with a serious criminal record.

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