New York City – The whole plan to ban any drinks over 16 ounces is a good idea, but it’s just a ruse to stop retailers from increasing sales. NYC’s health department has suggested to eliminate sugary drinks to combat overweight citizens.

Has anyone ever noticed that sugary drinks have just been getting bigger and bigger.  Why do retailers do that? They don’t want people to get fat, they want to make more money.

If they can give you more than you want, they can make more money. And in most cases people don’t want the huge sizes, but they are sucked into these self serving ‘combos’ when people can’t make their own decisions.

Why have the 10 ounce cans become obsolete? I go into a store and want to buy a regular sized can, and I can’t find them anymore. Is that by design, by retailers and merchants?

You bet, they don’t care if you throw the remaining drink away, they got your money already.

I don’t want a  LARGE drink   I just want the 10 ounce (355ml) but it’s hard to find.

Let’s be honest, they do it to increase sales, and most people buy way to much and just think of all the teaspoons of sugar, yes almost 10 in a 20 oz bottle.

The NYC Health Department says:
“The Mayor’s Task Force on Obesity states that “Americans consume 200-300 more calories daily than 30 years ago, with the largest single increase due to sugary drinks.” Obesity has led to a big increase in the prevalence of Type II diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and other problems. The ban would apply to all sugary drinks larger than 16 fluid ounces and will come into effect 6 months after the approval by the Board of Health on June 12.”

But people have already figured out how to beat the system if it passes, just buy two 16 ounces.

It’s like the movie theatres, if you ask for a small popcorn, it will feed the whole family, and if you ask for smaller, they call it ‘kids size’ to embarrass you into not buying it. Within the last decade sizes have just grown and grown.

And so have the patrons.

What about Cappuccino’s and milkshakes, they get a pass?

It won’t solve all problems, but it’s a start.

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