CAUTION: video may be offensive to some, DISGUSTING TO MOST.

Catawba, North Carolina – (Near Charlotte, NC) – Local pastor Charles Worley of the Providence Road Baptist Church delivered a sermon on Mother’s Day to his fold and had some alarming comments about President Obama’s statement supporting gay marriage.

He suggested that gays should be separated in two different fenced in electrical fenced areas, where they can drop food from the air, and he is hoping since they cannot reproduce, eventually they will all die off.

Problem solved.

It’s not only disgusting and offensive, it may be against the law in the USA. Rev. Welton Gaddy, President of Interfaith Alliance, (below) rebukes a pastor’s anti-gay sermon as a distorted, hateful message which it clearly is. And they still have their website up, not closed down like the Pastor Worley site which went down the day the story went viral.

Churches are given tax exempt status based on not supporting any political views whatsoever, and it seems by the video that pastor Worley may have crossed that line.

UPDATE: Pastor Worley held his regular service on Sunday, but still will not comment about his views on the electrical fence. Both sides protested near the church, as reported in the local Hickory Record CLICK HERE. Over 2000 came out to protest the churches views of hate and bigotry at last Sundays service where the pastor did not withdraw his statements.

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