UPDATE: Don Cherry trys to make an apology for Ron MacLean, and it just doesn’t cut it, very lame.

The CBC commented in a statement and it was just as lame. What he said was wrong.

At the start of the NHL’s Washington Capitals, New York Rangers playoff game Wednesday which Rangers lost 2-1, Ron MacLean a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – Hockey Night in Canada) host, compared the players to the 911 responders.

Wow, someone at CBC blew it, and I suspect MacLean was just reading a script. But nobody in the whole HNIC crew ever thought this was way out of line, it’s embarrassing and very inappropriate.

Usually it’s always MacLean’s sidekick Don Cherry who makes all the controversial comments, but of course, Cherry is only stating his opinions.

Not everyone in the world is a hockey fan, but I am, and that introduction to the start of the playoff game was way out of line.

There is no comparison whatsoever with 911 responders and playoff hockey. Hockey is entertainment for the viewers and the tragedy that occurred in New York in 2001, was real life and one of the worst tragedies in my lifetime.

We will anxiously await for an apology/statement from CBC and HNIC and it better come quick. Nice try CBC, doesn’t cut it.

I don’t think any apology could overcome the hurt and horror of any victims hearing this terrible introduction to a hockey game, in the way it was said.

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