Equal rights to all, has finally happened in America, President Obama announced today “Same- sex couples should be able to get married.”

No matter how we tried to dance around it, deep down within everyone, the truth is, all people should be allowed to enjoy the love from one another, the same rights that heterosexuals enjoy, no matter what sex you are.

States can choose to allow it or not, but human rights are not a choice, equal rights are human rights and all must be treated the same. And North Carolina has clearly made that choice, when they passed this amendment yesterday:

“Constitutional amendment to provide that Marriage between one man and one women is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state”

So there, we have control of it, and you can’t have any of it (The Golden rule) ….
Does this seem fair, equal rights to all, non discriminating? Not really. Future history will tell that NC has made a mistake in not giving the same rights to all it’s citizens.

North Carolina’s opposition to this move by the President is mainly because they say they want to keep the sanctity of marriage, which is nothing to wave a flag about. One in three heterosexual marriages end in divorce now, and the wording of this amendment will outlaw common law relationships along with gay ones.

By not allowing gays to marry, we are clearly discriminating against them.

Economy and jobs will be the highlight for the election, however that has changed now after Obama’s statement.

You can bet that same-sex marriage will be a big part of the election.

It was the right thing to do and about time.

Recent polls show that over 70% Republicans are against same-sex marriage, but it’s over 60% in favour with the Democrats.

Will this issue, human rights, make a difference in the election of the President in November 2012?
You bet.

Mitt Romney the Republican nominee for President has already disclosed his position, he ‘only supports marriage between a man and a women.’

I’m married and don’t understand the fear that this creates for some people. It’s always the way it has been, but we are evolving all the time, and correct things, that are just not right, and fair. It’s clearly time to make this right.

This will be the turning point for either leader in the upcoming election. this is becoming very interesting.

I never thought I would see a black man in the White House in my lifetime, and I never thought I would hear a sitting President support same-sex marriage. I believe this will be the right decision for Obama, failing that, it will treat all Americans equally. That is step in the right direction. And many families, men and women will realize, their right are important, because the President of the United States of America, clearly said it is. It’s a great day in American history, for all, including the LGBT groups. “no football spikes here.”

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