Norfolk, Virginia – Is there a coverup at the Virginian-Pilot newspaper, as two of their off-duty reporters (Marjon Rostami, Dave Foster) may have been caught up in a racially motivated beating, surrounded by five young black youths throwing a brick through their car window.

The beating was so bad that the reporters were off work for a week while they recovered, and have now taken a leave of absence due to death threats against them, and they are in fear.

When the crime occurred two weeks ago last Saturday, the Editor, Denis Finley of the Virginian-Pilot, felt it was not news, therefore did not cover it in their newspaper. I think he is having second thoughts now, that this has gained National and International attention.

UPDATEKerry Dougherty of  The Virginian-Pilot tried real hard to apologize to no avail,  “We made a mistake, That’s all it took for those who detest the “liberal mainstream media” to work themselves into a lather. They assumed that political correctness caused The Pilot to engage in a cover-up of an explosive, race-based crime in Norfolk.”

You can read the whole Op-Ed  CLICK HERE

FURTHER UPDATE: Not only did the Pilot not do their job,  it appears the police did not either. Now the local police have a search warrant for twitter accounts to get more inormation. Can’t the police do what they should be doing, ‘Police work?’ Everyone in your area, seems to be covering things up and not doing their jobs, I’m sorry for the residents in your area.

Should skin color of people being assaulted, determine whether it is news or not? According to Editor Finley, “it was just a minor street fight.” And how long has he been in news reporting? Finley indicated he did not ‘know’ what happened, but then isn’t that what newspapers find out, the facts, they seek out the facts and the story no matter what is the skin color of the assailants or victims.

He blew it, Finley could have stood tall and said he did the right thing, and wasn’t pressured to hide the story, but he took the easy way out. Like they say, it’s not about lying, it’s about the ‘coverup.’ We Hope Editor Finley knows that now, he may have some time to think about it if they get rid of him now, he’s NOT covering important news.

Here’s the memo-editorial Denis Finley wrote trying to explain his misgivings, CLICK HERE.

Another take on the “story” in his own paper, and it was revealed, finally in an Op-Ed CLICK HERE.

Big question, why is Fox News covering this terrible assault, and yet it appears none of the main stream media have said a word about it? If the roles had been reversed, and it was a gang of white people throwing a brick through the window of a black couple, would this have been newsworthy? Bernie Goldberg and Bill O’Reilly ponder the dilemma.

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