Newark, NJ –  New Jersey Devils beat Philadelphia Flyers 4-2 on Sunday and in the last minute Flyers pulled their goalie in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinal. Devils player Dainius Zubrus grabbed the loose puck and headed towards the empty net, and was pulled down (hooked/tripped) by a Flyers player, feet from the open net, and scored his second goal of the final.

The referee put his hand up to call a penalty while Zubrus of the Devils was pulled down, but was it an ‘awarded goal’ or a penalty the referee was going to call? If it was an ‘awarded goal’ why did the referee not blow his whistle?

In the last minute of the second period Zubrus almost got a head injury as Claude Giroux of the Flyers took a head shot to him which will be reviewed by NHL VP disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan today.

Claude Giroux was out earlier (Dec/2011) in the season for himself receiving a head shot and suffered a concussion which he fully recovered.  Zubrus was not seriously injured and returned to the game.

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