Toronto, Canada – ‘To Serve and Protect and ticket’  Oops is right, Sergeant Wanda DeCoste, of  Toronto Police Service just spilled the beans and what we have always believed, police do have ticket quotas, they have just always denied it, and still do.

In a troubling report today in the Toronto Sun Joe Warmington uncovers a memo from DeCoste claiming officers are required to do “a book a day” (25 tickets.)

Everyone always knew it, but it was always denied and never seen in writing until today.

At least we don’t have Baltimore cops like Salvatore Rivieri, and neither does Baltimore, after they fired him over this incident. Toronto cops have a lot more class than this. I think he was just pissed because they put him in that stupid little car, hope he takes anger management.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Sgt. DeCoste after this revealing memo.

Many may not agree, but that is probably the only way the bosses can tell if the officers are working. But to put it in writing, is a whole other surprising move.

It shall be fun watching how this plays out to the residents of  Toronto.

UPDATE: Deputy Chief Peter Sloly commented after the Toronto Sun article this morning, saying the language DeCoste used in the memo was “inappropriate, but there is an expectation.” but stands by what she said.

Let’s just call it what it is, and stop the runaround. They need to give tickets every day to prove they are working. Okay, but that’s not what annoys the public. What annoys us is they wait until the end of their shift and then go to one of those out of the way places, where nobody walks, no traffic, but they can get ‘easy’ tickets.

That’s not right. They sit there for about an hour get their tickets, then end the shift.

But are these ‘locations’ dangerous spots, lots of kids walking around, lot’s of pedestrians? NO. It’s just a spot where they can get ‘easy’ tickets, and that does not help anyone. If they went into a residential area, where everyone is complaining all the time, the public would be reasonable, and accepting.

One day I saw two bicycle cops hiding near a building at Yonge/Queen and thought, they’re catching people turning at the no-turn on Queen. Not at all, they were catching people talking on their cell phones, big crime. One cop even pulled over another car, while he was ticketing the first violator.

Not only are they getting sneaky, they are getting greedy, but then they must fill that book every day.

Call it whatever you want, just be fair and honest. We get it.

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