Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – I have a lot of fond memories of NHL playoffs, but one that sticks in my mind, is when Philadelphia Flyers get past the post season and you know Kate Smith is going to sing God Bless America at their home games.

She’s always been a lucky charm for them and gets the crowd going before the game, and although she died in 1986, she lives on, when the song is song by Lauren Hart, and she is beamed through the jumbo tron and sings along with Hart.

Over the years the visiting team would try to throw off the Flyers, by bringing flowers to Smith just after she sang the anthem, and sometimes it worked, most times not. But no matter what the game outcome, the fans loved Kate Smith.

United States Postal Service (USPS) unveiled a stamp comemorated Kate Smith May/2010 on a postage stamp and a monument was errected in her honor, outside the Spectrum in 1987.

Not sure if she sang at every Flyers games, but I understand it was just playoff games, where she had a record of 94 wins, 26 losses, and 4 ties as of April 26, 2011, whenever she sang.

She had a long professional singing career and died in 1986, but the Flyer fans have not forgotten her, as she sings along with Lauren Hart every playoff game at home, and it brings about goose bumps (shrils through your body) when the Kate Smith video starts on the jumbotron.

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