There appears to be many reasons players don’t shave during the playoffs, but it has become a long-held tradition since the 80’s, for players to grow their beards once they enter the playoffs. (no matter how old they are, if they can)

It’s been just over a week now and some are getting caveman looks, but others, the younger crowd are having a hard time of it, with a little bit better than some peach fuzz.

It has been said in the past, players grew their beards to safeguard them from getting cuts about the face, but that appears to me, it would have been even worst getting stitched up with all that beard.

And to the, wives and girlfriends, they’ll get over it, once they lose out in the playoffs as Boston Bruins did last night losing to Washington 2-1 in a few minutes of overtime, in the seventh quarter-final game.

As long time traditions go, this one is almost unanimous consent and acceptance, but the odd one falls short, trying to sneak in the odd goatee with, I suspect a lot of razzing.

Don Cherry of HNIC fame, was on one of his rants again last night, as he objected to the constant violations at faceoffs.

Quite often it appears centermen are thrown out of the faceoff for no reason whatsoever.

I just realized tonight they throw players out of faceoffs, not just for a violation, but if one of the teams wingers encroaches on the faceoff circle, the centerman can be thrown out.

Trouble is, Cherry has a point, there’s no consistency, players encroach all the time, inside the faceoff circle.

Cherry keeps saying “Prospects game” why don’t you tell ‘us’ what you are talking about? Not everyone that watches hockey playoffs is an aficionado (into) hockey, like Grapes.

Cherry said, “I know what I’m talking about” yes Grapes we know you know.

One of the referees blew his whistle in Boston’s attaching zone, after it appeared to the ref, that a players stick had been slashed and broken. After consultation with the other referee, no call was made and the faceoff went to center ice. Oops, no more playoffs for him.

After the incident no-one came forward, and there was a slight delay while everyone stood around and said “who,” before the senior referee pointed to center ice, thereby Washington, losing their advantage.

Several players including Captain Zdeno Chara of the Bruins have received some semi-severe knocks to the face and yes, they were not wearing a visors, will they ever learn. It reminds me of the house owner that gets broken into, and the week after his house is trashed, he puts in an alarm system.
“Nobodys gonna tell me what to do, I’m in the NHL.”

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