Sanford, Florida – Sanford City Council has now reversed their previous decision of “no confidence” in the case of Police Chief Bill Lee who stepped down a month ago after the killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman was not arrested on February 26/2012.

Zimmerman was since granted bond on Friday and walked free on bail of $150,000 on Sunday night, with GPS tracking and his whereabouts are unknown, but he may be permitted to live outside the State of Florida for security reasons.

The City Council met Monday night and voted 3-2 not to accept is resignation after he had stepped down due to the handling of the Martin case. But it appears now that maybe, I say maybe they did make the correct decision, based on the bail hearing last Friday.

The lead investigator who took the stand Friday said that he had no idea who threw the first punch, or who chased who, to cause the deadly outcome. Zimmerman has entered a plea of ‘not guilty’ and has waived attending the indictment. His lawyer Mark O’Mara has said this is quite common, especially in murder cases where the defendant does not appear at his indictment hearing, and can post a plea without personally attending.

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