Seminole County, Florida –  George Zimmerman walked out of jail at midnight a free man on $150,000 bond and for safety reasons his location is unknown.

He is charged with 2nd degree murder of Trayvon Martin back on February 26/2012, he has claimed he is innocent and using the ‘Stand your ground’ law in Florida, which he says his life was in danger, and he feared for his life.

He walked through the normal release door at the jail, and left in a normal car with an unknown man carrying his belongings. The media who were camped out in front of the door, were checked for credentials before his release and there is concern for his safety, since he was wearing a bullet proof vest for his protection.

He is required to wear a GPS tracking device, must report to police every three days, curfew from 7p.m.-6a.m., and have no contact with the Martin family. He is also not allowed to have access to alcohol or firearms, and has requested to live outside the State of Florida due to safety concerns.

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