The NHL game between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia was a “Donnybrook” (182 penalty minutes) and it should never happen, but this is playoffs. Old time hockey  is back, but is it what the public want?

The game Sunday afternoon in Philly was one of the most exciting games I have seen in NHL playoff  history but was it good?

Philadelphia Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette said after the game, “This is what playoff  hockey is all about,”  well, I tend to disagree. Will it be remembered as one of the best games ever, not likely, but was it exciting to watch? Absolutely, it’s the lead story on every newscast, and on the front page of nearly every paper, but it still stinks.

It almost turned into a UFC caged match, but that’s what the fans come for, but what about the kids watching all across North America?

Who would have thought that such a simple thing as pushing a players glove away (Jakub Voracek) with your stick, could turn into such an all out war, on the ice. And who started it all, the untouchable, Sidney Crosby. The whole situation started when Crosby claimed, he was “going for a loose puck” when he took three aggressive slashes at the puck in goalie Ilya Bryzgalov’s glove. Then things just escalated into what we see here, see videos.

Then of course the cheap “attempt to injure” match penalty to Penguins’s, Arron Asham, who was not willing to hold off and wait to see Brayden Schenn take a charging penalty wich would have given them a one man advantage.

But instead, he decided to attack Brayden Schenn with his raised stick and cross check him across his throat and then punch him in the face starting another near brawl.

After the game Crosby was asked what happened, and he said, “We just don’t like them” over and over and asked why he didn’t just skate away instead of pushing the players glove away, “Why am I suppose to pick it up for him.”

Oh yea, Philadelphia won the game 8-4,  humiliating Pittsburgh and notching a 3-0 win in the best of seven quarter-final series.

Another for sure outcome, is Wednesday’s fourth game in the series, will probably be one of the most watched games this season, let’s just hope Sidney Crosby can come back, and act like a classy player,  rather than an out of control hooligan and whiner.

If you watch closely when the players start to fight, it appears you can see them talking to each other, because if another ‘altercation’ is occurring in the same stoppage of play, the second combatants will receive Game Misconducts.

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