Fort Lauderdale, Florida – There seems to be a sense from the prosecution affidavit that George Zimmerman is guilty, and yet all evidence has not been disclosed. In the affidavit summary that was released yesterday, (that was written by investigators) they said Zimmerman was ‘following’ Trayvon after the police dispatcher told him not to do so, to which he replied, “OK.”

Even the Special Prosecutor’s Statement from Angela B. Cory, had the feel that she was seeking justice for Trayvon, when I have always understood the prosecutor is there to search for justice, whether it is for the defendant or the victim.

The fact that Zimmerman was following Trayvon after the police told him not to, is a serious point of contention, and should be dealt with in court. I’m no lawyer, but I’m not sure if the affidavit is considered evidence in a court of law, and by saying “Zimmerman was following Trayvon after being told not to,” is a very important fact in my mind.

The affidavit actually says “When the police dispatcher realized Zimmerman was pursuing Martin, he instructed Zimmerman not to do that and that the responding officer would meet him. Zimmerman disregarded the police dispatcher and continued to follow Martin who was trying to return to his home.” That is evidence for court, not evidence here, who says Zimmerman continued to follow Trayvon, because Zimmerman is saying he did not?

The Prosecution and many others have said they don’t want this case to be tried in the media, but then they put out into the public information like this that appears to defend Trayvon’s position.

His first appearance today was just to plead not guilty, and is being held in protective custody. The next step may be a hearing before a judge to address  his bond and then a judge will rule on his ‘Stand your Ground’ defence. If the judge gives him immunity for that, basically it will not go to trial.

Daniel … Toronto, Canada
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