Sanford, Florida – It’s been 45 days since Trayvon Martin, a 17 year-old young man was killed by George Zimmerman, arrested then released, and has now been arrested and charged with second degree murder.

The Florida Special prosecutor Angela Corey made the announcement today and answered questions but would not give any further information about Zimmerman’s whereabouts or any evidence that brought her to this conclusion. She was appointed by the Governor Rick Scott of Florida  to investigate this alleged murder about three weeks ago, and she is prepared to protect the citizens of Florida, and if convicted, Zimmerman could get life in prison.

Corey would not answer any questions about the “Stand your ground” law and how this would affect the charges against Zimmerman since he is claiming he was only protecting himself against deadly force.

It appears that the “Stand your ground” law can be applied at his first court appearance, and it will be up to the judge to give him immunity prior to going to trial, but that is highly unlikely. His first appearance will be April 12th for bond.

After the announcement Reverend Al Sharpton met with the family and said, “We don’t want anybody high fiving tonight, there’s no victory here, there’s no winners here, they’ve lost their son. This is not about gloating, this is about pursuing justice.

Above all else (and no matter what the outcome of  the alleged murder) this tragedy has brought out some real heroes, Sybrina and Tracy Martin who are loving, decent, mourning and classy parents of  Trayvon. While the main stream media keeps making this a ratings grab, (making all kinds of mistakes with information and then apologizing) all that Sybrina and Tracy wanted from the beginning was ‘Justice” and wanted Zimmerman arrested for killing their son.

They have consistently acted in a professional manner, and kept their cool, and instructed others to do the same. These are real classy people and representative of many in the USA, and should continue to speak for those that have been unjustly murdered.

In tragedy the cream comes to the top and Sybrina and Tracey Martin have risen to the top, and acted and represented their son in the best light. Our sympathy and hearts are with them.

What’s the next step?

Zimmerman will appear before a court and request a bond, which is unlikely. He will then be asked to take a plea, and his new lawyer announced today, Marc O’Mara will proceed to another hearing in the future. At some point down the line, a judge will decide if Zimmerman has immunity because of his claim of using the “Stand your ground” defence.

Daniel … Toronto, Canada
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