Sanford, Florida – In a shocking move this afternoon the George Zimmerman legal team held a 45 minute press conference and announced they are no longer the lawyers for the killer of Trayvon Martin.

They suggested that Zimmerman was “suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)” which means he may have been suffering from some medical illness after the killing of Trayvon Martin.

“We’ve had contact everyday” until just recently, and do not know where Zimmerman is located.

Hal Uhrig of George Zimmerman’s legal team said today, “George Zimmerman in our opinion and information made available to us, is not doing well emotionally, probably suffering from Post-traumatic stress syndrome, we understand from others, he may have lost a lot of weight.”

He went on to say, “We’re professionals and have ethical requirements.”

I’m no lawyer, not even one who plays a lawyer on TV, but that astounded me today. That any lawyer would divulge privileged information from a client or suggest that his client has any medical conditions. Further, how can a lawyer tell anyone when resigning, that their client is or is not in the State of Florida, or even in the USA.

There seem to be many inconsistencies, lawyer Uhrig says, “On Sunday he (Zimmerman) went quiet and dark if you will, we found out on Monday he set up a website on his own without conferring with us, couldn’t get hold of him, and then yesterday with the additional developments after talking to the prosecutor this morning, we learned he had communicated directly with both another national news network (Sean Hannity/Fox News) and the prosecutor’s office, contrary to our advice.”

“With us unable to get any kind of contact with him at the phone he was using to talk to them, we couldn’t go out in the public and say we still represent him, without getting him to come out and confirm it and talk with us.”

In the next sentence Uhrig goes on to say, “In fact the father (Zimmerman) went to the bank with Mr. Sonner to set up the bank account which the website we put up for his benefit.”

Co-counsel Craig Sonner shied away from suggesting Zimmerman suffered from PTSD, and said it is just “speculation,” but went on to say, “I had lined up a website designer to do it and we setup a bank account.”

The personal website and bank account is so he can raise funds for living expenses and lawyer fees, which it appears he doesn’t have any lawyers any longer. It was reported recently that he had one donation of $10,000.

Although it is not even clear if George Zimmerman had signed an agreement with the lawyers Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner. Sonner even admitted today, he has not even met Zimmerman in person, they have had all their communications through the phone, texting and e-mail.

The Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey announced at about 8:30 tonight, she would be holding a press conference about her investigation of the Trayvon killing within the next 72 hours.


No matter what the special prosecutor decides within the next two days, Zimmerman may have got wind of it, and he has decided to get out of Florida, and far, far away. But how does the prosecution benefit from that?

It looks quite obvious to me, no matter what decision Special States Attorney Angela Corey makes, it’s a disaster for the black community. If she doesn’t charge him due to the “stand your ground” law there will be outrage. If she charges him, he will likely be dismissed because of the “stand your ground” law and all Hell will break loose.

By him disappearing, leaving Florida, he has solved all problems for the government, and how will the community react, now?

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