Toronto, Canada – What a great idea, let’s go out to te ballgame, have a beer and enjoy the game. Tickets, nose bleed section, $15 not bad, but stadium is sold out, 45,000 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, where Jays lose 4-2 To Boston Red Socks, but win at the concessions stands.

Not sure if this beer dispensing system has been going on for long, but they have a hole in the bottom of the $10.50 beer cup. It appears it is quicker, easy to track, and no foam at top of the cup. But $10.50 for a cup of beer, if you are not careful can leak out, and then you have to buy another one. (is that their plan?)

Very slick rip-off, or is it good marketing, because it didn’t cause people to stop lining up for beer.

Two beer limit, yes, as long as you are not in the upper level 500, one beer only?

That’s all I could afford, maybe it’s just me, am I cheap? I didn’t see many people leaving a tip, I mean it MUST be included.

Why not just let everyone in for free, and charge $13.00 a beer, whoops, don’t give them any ideas.

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