Sanford, Florida – Speculation has run rampant on this tragedy since the beginning, over a month ago, and still Trayvon Martin is dead, and no arrest of George Zimmerman, the killer.

Martin’s family lawyer Benjamin Crump has said State Attorney Norm Wolfinger called Crumps letter ‘lies’ but Crump won’t answer questions about why Wolfinger is accusing Crump of lying. Why is that? Why won’t Crump answer this question?

Crump said that Wolfinger and Lee “disregarded the lead homicide investigator’s recommendation to arrest George Zimmerman for manslaughter.” But Wolfinger angrily fired back, saying that the meeting never happened and the letter Crump wrote contained “outright lies.”
“I have been encouraging those spreading the irresponsible rhetoric to stop,” Wolfinger said in a statement. But Crump told CNN that he would remain persistent. “We’re going to keep writing letters; this family deserves answers.”

Enough with the ‘skittles,’ enough with the audio tape, enhanced or otherwise. And the replay of who is screaming HELP, it really doesn’t matter.  The question at this point, is/was George Zimmerman attached by Trayvon and feared for his life, and thus shot and killed him.

The last few weeks/days it’s gone back and forth, the video of Zimmerman walking into the police station, handcuffed, he ‘appeared’ to have no visible marks of a vicious scuffle. Yet the next day, ‘enhanced’ version proves he did, have some cuts of the back of his head.

Why all the ‘speculation’ you know the Zimmerman team has tons of photos, of his head from every angle possible, and documentation, of all his medical charts confirming he had a broken nose. How he got those, is the question now.

Is that how justice works in America? Don’t allow any investigation, just go with what you ‘know’ we hear that everyday, when a family member says ‘I know my brother, husband, child, wife, would not do that,’ only to find out after an investigation, that they did do it. Is that how law and justice should work in America?

The great Martin Luther King said he stood for Justice. Let justice play out, and then deal with it when justice has prevailed.

“Let this crime become the occasion for uniting the Negro and white community in behalf of the principles of social justice, racial equality and non-violence. It would be the last and final and ultimate repudiation of everything for which Martin Luther King stood if it were to arouse racial hatred and excite the kind of violence that he deplored.”

Some in the video say the investigation is a “waste of time and money,” “We don’t need a task force, we already know what happened.”

Well that is exactly the problem, we do not know exactly what happened and that’s why an investigation is underway and required. If they are against the investigation, they are against finding the truth.

It’s a tragedy all around, and the bottom line is this “Stand you Ground” law that has brought this about. The government has no right what people are thinking in their minds. This law makes it one of the most important facts in the investigation, “Was he in fear of his life in his mind” that is not right.

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