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Nice try Bell, trying to ‘Sugar and spice’ this money grab on the heels of suggesting charging $2 to have your bill delivered by mail, to be to our benefit, hogwash. Just tell us the truth, it’s a revenue booster for the company.

How can any company charge anyone anything, without sending them a bill? Do I get a $2 credit everytime Bell sends me an unsolicited email, promoting something they want to sell to me?

BCE (Bell Enterprises,) is not starving, yet they are just getting greedy, and gouging.

As Bell’s attempt to rip us off even further they have proposed, not proposed demanded, that they will start charging us (which is NOT true, they have been charging $2 all along but NOT disclosing) to have our bill sent to us by Canada Post mail.

As part of our ongoing effort to be environmentally friendly and to improve the level of billing information you have access to, we are pleased to let you know that as of June 2012, Bell is moving to e-bill as our standard method of delivering invoices to our Bell Internet clients. And while you are currently receiving both e-bill and paper bills, we would like to invite you to choose e-bill only.
Remember, with e-bill, you can continue to enjoy benefits like:
• Reducing paper bill clutter – and your environmental footprint
• Accessing your bills and account information online anytime, 24/7
• Viewing your current bills as soon as they are ready – we’ll even notify you every month
• Receiving more billing detail as systems are upgraded

It’s a shameless attempt to institute negative option billing which is not only fair, it is against government regulations. And yet Bell just ignores the Government Regulations, and try to slip this through.

Let me just ask this question that has been bothering me about Bell for 40 years. I believe there is some elderly senior citizen in Northern Ontario (and elsewhere) still paying for their original Bell phone, a fee every month for rental. Bell would say, they have the option of buying a phone, but do they inform these little old ladies, about that, or just keep taking the $2.65 rental fee for a 1950 phone which to date they may have paid over $2000?

Is Bell going to start charging us extra for their employees pension funds, gas in their trucks, infrastructure? Those are charges associated with running a business, don’t pass on those charges to customers.

Bell’s email is not even accurate, it says you have 24/7 access to your online account. NOT. Try accessing your account around midnight any day and you get a message they are updating. Just be HONEST with the public, and stop giving us the runaround and ‘stock answers.’

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