George Zimmerman killer of Trayvon Martin has not yet been charged with anything. Now his father Robert Zimmerman, 65, a retired Judge from Virginia has stepped forward and setting up his defence before he is even charged with anything.

Robert Zimmerman Jr. make the leap to CNN’s Piers Morgan to try and explain what he believes happened on the night of February 26th when Trayvon Martin, 17, was killed by his brothers shooting on the unarmed youth. The problem arises when the people supporting Zimmerman, are coming out making the rounds on all the talk shows, claiming ‘hearsay’ evidence which would never be allowed in a court of law. (under certain conditions)
They are telling the interviewers what they have heard, and not what they saw (second hand.) It is the norm now, after more than a month of the dreadful death of Trayvon, 17, just walking to his fathers house and being targeted as looking ‘suspicious’ and then being confronted by Zimmerman on the walkway behind the residential gated community. It has just been revealed by Robert Jr. that George was quite a way from his vehicle walking on a cement sidewalk, when the confrontation occurred. It was down the middle of two townhouse rows, in the residence’s backyards without any fences.
Piers Morgan interview can be viewed HERE  (2 parts) and both live feed are at the end of the story on Mediaite.
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As it was disclosed last night on Piers Morgan, Robert Zimmerman Jr. commented that Trayvon had made an attempt to secure Zimmerman’s handgun as they rolled around on the ground. If that is the case, have the Sanford Police, fingerprinted the gun and found Trayvon’s prints on it. Do they have still photographs of George Zimmerman’s injuries from the struggle? Everyday there are new revelations, and yet no arrest. Rather than have 3rd parties come forward, why does George Zimmerman just not come forward and say what happened.

He has remained quiet since his arrest and subsequent arrest when he was taken to the police station 30 minutes after the incident. When he arrived, we all saw that he had no visible injuries and his brother said last night, that he did indeed have a broken nose, and “It is still broken,” over a month later?

There is definitely something missing in all of this, and more investigation needs to be conducted, before George Zimmerman will be arrested for the killing of Trayvon Martin.

The next step will be the jury trial, can they prove what happened, when the only real witness is dead.

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