Sanford Police, Florida release video of arrest of George Zimmerman being brought into police headquarters in handcuffs. From the video he seems uninjured without any marks to his face or head. He’s being investigated in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

In a video just released by ABC World News Exclusive, the killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman can be seen coming into the Sanford Police station handcuffed and in good condition. Close-ups of his face and the back of his head do not reveal the statements coming from the Zimmerman camp that he was involved in a struggle for his life at the scene, where Zimmerman shot Martin dead, point blank in the chest while he was just 70 feet from his home.

The full video with comments from ABC World News reporter Matt Gutman can be viewed HERE.

This video was shot on February 26th and just released yesterday, when ABC asked to view the recording.

Zimmerman was released about an hour after his arrest and free to go and did not attend hospital for his reported broken nose or cuts to the back of his head.

He is still in hiding, and yes, he still has his gun, and the prosecution for the killing has been taken away from the local prosecutor office and is being investigated by a State Special prosecutor Angela Corey from Fort Lauderdale, a Florida State Attorney.

A Grand Jury hearing has been scheduled for April 11th but prosecutor Corey expects their investigation should be concluded prior to the grand jury date and may not be necessary.

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