Sanford, Florida – Who is Joe Oliver?  He calls himself a ‘friend’ of George Zimmerman who is the neighborhood watch captain that killed unarmed Trayvon Martin on February 26th. After, and during the Last Word show tonight he must be having seconds thoughts about why he came forward, and got involved in the mess and the slanted guests he had on the show. His quests were the New York times reporter Charles Blow, Natalie Jackson, Co-council for the Martin Family and Johantan Cadehart an MSNBC contributor, all black. Is that ‘Fair and Balanced”

I prefer tough interviews where you asked the tough questions and O’Donnell did not let us down ast night.
In the last week OLIVER he has gone on countless TV shows and had full rein on what he says, and nobody had challenged him until tonight.

You can see the full interview (in two parts) HERE on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC.

At the outset he was asked if he was getting paid by someone and Oliver say “NO.” O’Donnell went on and rarely allowed him to get out his ‘stock answers’ talking points, to air, he has been spreading on all the talk show rounds. Day after day he has been saying how Zimmerman was a wonderful guy and he knows he could not do such a thing, although he did. He just has a ‘Gut feeling’ and feels it in his heart, and he said it was a life and death situation for Zimmerman, kill the assailant or be killed.

O’Donnell kept firing questions like a machine gun and kept Oliver off base as he drilled him on questions we all want to know. “I have reports that you worked with Zimmerman, would you like to comment on that? There seemed to be a quite nervous Oliver and he finally admitted they had worked together.

Oliver, thinking, “what’s this guy (O’Donnell) doing, I’m on here to get Zimmerman’s points out and he keeps cutting me off and asking un-relevent questions, like did I work with him.” He didn’t say that, but it cam across on the interview that he was thinking something like that as he shuffled his body and open and closed his sports jacket. I thought he was ging to walk off the set. And half way through the set, they had a lighting problem, which they said the would fix, was that just a ploy by the studio to get Oliver even more rattled?

The fact that Oliver had a meeting directly face to face (with Zimmerman)  is a little strange and it may come back to haunt him since it was a private conversation without any lawyers present. He is currently saying he cannot comment on what was said in that meeting but you know the police and investigators will be all over this.

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