UPDATE: March 24/2012 – An anonymous witness “John” has come forward and claims the screams on the 911 call was Zimmerman, not Martin.

Sanford, Florida – A young black 17-year-old boy Trayvon Martin heads out to get some snacks before he returns home to his fathers girlfriends, gated community, before being targeted as a suspicious person and gunned down and killed for nothing.

This was 25 days ago and the nasty part about it, the man who shot and killed him is not in jail, not charged with anything. He was carrying his licensed 9mm handgun, and the victim, Trayvon Martin was unarmed and carrying just some ‘skittles’   and iced tea, before he died in the street like a dog.

White male, George Zimmerman, the self-appointed Captain of the neighborhood watch program was patrolling the area and spotted the young Martin and called police. Police told him to watch and “not follow” the suspicious youngster and yet now he is dead and George Zimmerman is a free man due to a local Florida Law “Stand your ground” where you can legally use deadly force when you fear for your life.

It appears the spirit of that law is to allow citizens to stand in front of their homes and protect themselves, not chase after a black youth in a hoodie while it’s raining and shoot him down dead for no reason. Quite a stretch.

Racially motivated incidence appears to be the norm in Sanford, Florida, and the newly appointed Chief of Police Bill Lee of Sanford Police has announced he will “step down temporarily,” whatever that means. He has been Chief of Sanford Police for just 10 months and received a vote of  non-confidence yesterday, 3-2.

At a recent rally in New York City and Sanford Florida community. Trayvon Martins Mother Sebrina said, “It’s not a black and white thing, it’s a right and wrong thing, justice for Trayvon.”

Marchers at the rallies yelled out such things as, “Stepping down, (Chief Bill Lee) he should be fired for incompetence.”

It was not investigated at the crime scene, Zimmerman was handcuffed and taken to the police station and questioned by a narcotics officer not a homicide specialists who should be investigating such a shooting. He left the police station hours later wearing the same clothes, police not holding his clothes for firearm residue. It appears they never did a search of Zimmermans vehicle either, but did take the 9mm gun as evidence.

Zimmerman has claimed self-defense although he was in pursuit of Trayvon with a 9mm handgun.

Marc Lamont Hill (Ph.D.) Associate Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University said,

“We could have a major civic crisis on our hands, the entire nation is fixed on this, it’s unimaginable to me that the FBI could oversee this, that the States Attorney General could oversee this, that the police department under scrutiny could oversee this, and at the end of the day they do absolutely nothing. If that were to happen, I hate to say this, but we may see something as bad what we saw in LA in thew 90’s with the Rodney King verdict and that is we may see a civic crisis, we may see a riot, I don’t advocate that, but people are upset and they rightfully should be. and if there’s no justice, there probably won’t be much peace.”

This occurred over a month ago and still no arrest, and not only across Florida, this has overtones across the nation, and Internationally.

There seems to be some racial problems in Sanford as this scene below where a white man, son of a Sanford police officer, punched and kicked a black man in December 2010. He was not arrested and no charges were filed, despite the crystal clear video.

CAUTION – Some explicit   language is used in video, nothing more vile than what Justin Collisons did to this innocent homeless man.

Just remember that George Zimmerman is now a free man, with no restrictions whatsoever, and he has been given back his handgun, and it is unknown where he is.

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