Toronto, Canada – The recent revelations that the Air Ambulance in Ontario has run amuck has not ended and with the Government of Ontario giving them $150 million each year, they have been seriously mismanaged. Very little oversight on the part of the government, but not much has been said about the great work the front-line workers (paramedics and pilots) offer to the citizens.

We see them everyday, on the six o’clock news, as the helicopters land at the roadside of a tragedy anywhere in Ontario, and the workers offer the professional and expert care. They are not responsible for this debacle, and yet it must cast an awful swath around them. These people are true heroes and must not be grouped in with the mismanagement, of the Ornge Air Ambulance Service.

These are highly trained professionals and deserve to be recognized as such.
I rarely hear about these heroes and that is wrong, and they should not be painted with the same brush of the management. They are very dedicated and do amazing work, and thank God I live in Toronto with all these emergency personnel to be there, when we need them. Thank you.

We never appreciate these emergency workers until we need them, and when they come, they have the professionalism to get the job done. Hats off to the EMS, fire department and police, for a job well done.

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Daniel … Toronto, Canada
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