Toronto, Canada – The Toronto Maple Leafs are now owned by Rogers and Bell, and contracts come up in two years for the broadcast rights of the Maple Leafs, will CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) be able to get the rights again?

Last week commentator Don Cherry, 78, of HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada) had plenty to say about the Maple Leafs and how the biggest franchise in the NHL is run, and that is what he is suppose to do, give his opinion whether it is in agreement with the Leafs or not.

But now that Rogers and Bell own MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment) and since they are broadcasters themselves, will the CBC broadcasts come to an end?

Whether you like Don Cherry or not, he does have an opinion on hockey, and people listen, even the NHL players themselves. If MLSE want to muzzle him, and not let him speak because they don’t agree with him, that is wrong, and it will not silence him, or his views.

The video above is not even a week old and it has received over 200,000 views on YouTube, so the regular folks like him and watch, we must hear all viewpoints, not just the ones the Maple Leafs want to put out.
UPDATE: March 9/2012 – It is being reported by the Toronto Sun that Coaches Corner could be dropped by the NHL when negotiations get underway for renewal in two years.

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