It has been determined by the TSB/BST (Transportation Safety Board of Canada) that passenger train 92 derailed due to excessive speed last Sunday, February 26th, where three people died and 42 others were injured, of the 75 onboard the five coaches.

The accident occurred when train 92 from Niagara Falls to Toronto had to change tracks in Burlington, just west of Toronto and derailed with the engine and the passenger car directly behind it, completely turned over on their side, and all three locomotive engineers were killed. The engine and the car behind it flipped on their side and ran into an industrial building beside the tracks. These details were released by the investigative team from the TSB/BST after looking at the ‘black box’ which is in every engine. The maximum speed for switching tracks is 15 mph and yet the train was still traveling at 67 mph when the crash occurred.

Investigator Tom Griffith of the TSB/BST said, “It can now be confirmed that the train entered the crossover from track 2 to track 3 at approximately 67 mph, the maximum authorized speed at that crossover is 15 mph.”

The ‘black box’   which is actually orange, revealed much of the information but because of the damage to the cab, a lot of data still needs to be gathered, but the speed was clear, it was excessive.

A class action law suit has been filed against CN Rail who own the tracks and VIA rail who operate passenger travel within Canada.

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