Toronto, Canada – Bell Canada FibeTV/Intermnet service launched last year in the Toronto area and it has been nothing but ongoing problems since we signed up in November 2010. (Why did we continue if it does not work well/properly?) When it is working properly, it is one of the best TV services in the industry, but I must emphasize, “When it’s working properly.”

A problem I was having in December 2011 which I reported to Bell FibeTV, my calls went on without any corrections or resolutions. Let me try to explain what the recording problem is, and how it affects your recorded shows.

You are allowed to record four shows at once on your PVR box, but they will always fail to mention, that you are only allowed to record only 2-3 HD (high-definition) channels and one SD (Standard TV channel) that’s not the issue. This problem does not occur on every recorded show, but may happen 3-4 times a month. Once you record a one hour show and then go to view it, at the bottom of the screen it should say 1:00, meaning you just recorded a one hour show and are about to watch it.

What we have experienced since last December (which we reported) is the one hour show in question, has a reading of 0:01 at the bottom of the 1 hour show. When you start to play the show everything is normal, it plays, you can pause it, and fast forward in the normal way. Problem comes when you are watching a recorded show with the marker at the bottom right that says “0:01.”  You can watch it for about 30-40 minutes normally and then you try to fast forward again, and the PVR loops back, about 3-4 minutes and this continues. Most times we get frustrated and don’t bother calling, because it can take from one to two hours to get any answers on the phone from tech services, which usually gets then to say, just reboot, restore the system, deleting all your features.

Tip, pointer, if you experience this problem, it may be overcome by NOT fast forwarding, and just let it play out, and in most cases it will allow you to watch to the end.
This is NOT acceptable, one techy told me last year, “You can’t expect it to work 100%,” but they want us to pay 100%?  Does that sound fair?

In the last few weeks we have experienced this about four times and just the last two days it happened after I recorded two Maple Leafs hockey, and twice in two days, is not reasonable. I called and spoke to three different tech people for two hours. The first one told me, “I never heard of that before, personally” suggesting I’m making it up, or I’m the only one in Canada having this problem. Although he failed, to want to check further and his suggestion was, to completely restore the PVR box to factory settings, losing all my recordings. After I finally insisted that the problem escalated to a higher tech rep, which he resisted, he did put me through to a supervisor who suggested I do a “Soft DRA” which resets the box without losing my recordings. I’m the customer, we expect a resolution, not Stock answers,”  and always thought a complete restore to the factory settings, was the LAST resort. But not with Bell FibeTV.

Bell FibeTV/Internet   subscribers, be insistent, get the ticket number and the tech’s name and don’t let them get away with this unacceptable customer service, call and complain, and maybe they will FIX these ongoing problems. Failing that, there are lots of option out there, and we get the impression, Bell does not care anymore, “if you don’t like it, go elsewhere,”  that’s the impression I got, they want to close the ticket.
By all means if you call and complain, be sure to get the name and ticket number. Good luck.

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