Yes, the BBC is reporting another Costa Cruise ship the Costa Allegra has lost power in the Indian Ocean with 1000 passengers and crew onboard in darkness.

It happened today and emergency crews are on their way, but it may not be until Tuesday before they reach the abandoned ship. It set sail from Diego Suarez in Madagascar on Saturday and was expected to land in Seychelles on Tuesday but after an explained “fire in the ship’s engine room” it is not known when they will arrive.

After the most recent tragedy which occurred near Giglio Island off the coast of Italy in January, this puts the cruise line on notice. The Costa Concordia tragedy had over 30 deaths and several class action law suits are still pending against the parent company of Costa Cruises, Carnival Corporation.

There was some doubt about the condition of the ship and passengers and a plane was dispatched to view the Allegra from the air. It was reported that the fire in the engine room, took two hours to get under control, and was explained that all passengers and crew were safe. However, that is exactly what was said on the Costa Concordia, “We have a small electrical fire” so there is some doubt as to what is really going on.

Welcome aboard!  There is serious concern because of where the ship is adrift, since the area is notorious for pirates from Somalia, although there are armed anti-pirate Military unit onboard and ready to defend the ship.

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