Burlington, Ontario (near Toronto) – A VIA rail passenger train from Niagara Falls to Toronto derails in Burlington, Ontario, at 3:30 pm Sunday, three locomotive engineers die, 42 injured.

It was five passenger cars that derailed, and one car completely tipped over, plus the locomotive where two CN (Canadian National Railway) engineers were killed and one training employee. The train had approximately 75 passengers on board, and 42 were injured with three serious, airlifted to local hospitals.

The emergency response teams were on scene within minutes, and the care of the responders was very impressive, as over a hundred teams attended the crash. Two air ambulances were standing by, as well as an emergency ambulance bus from Toronto, over an hour drive away. (pictured below)

We never believe how wonderful these rescue workers are until they attend such a terrible crash, and the professionalism and efficiency of these workers is outstanding.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada arrived on scene late last night, and it is still being investigated why the train derailed. The train is equipped with a ‘black box’ which may determine the cause of the accident.

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