It appears about 30-40% of the passengers on the Costa Concordia grounding, have accepted the $11,000 euros as settlement. The tragedy which occurred on January 13th off the coast of Italy (Giglio Island) shocked the world and over 30 have been reported dead with another 15 missing.

The Concordia whose parent company is Carnival Cruise Corporation in Miami, Florida have received a class action law suit for $460 million. There were less than 100 Americans aboard the doomed ship, and yet many just want to put the tragedy behind them and take the small settlement. There were over 4200 on the ship when it grounded and none of the settlements have been offered to the crew or onboard staff.

An excellent update can be viewed HERE, on Cruise Critic an online resource for the cruise industry.

CLICK HERE for my previous reports. Italian prosecutors are seeking 2697 year sentence for Captain Francesco Schettino, 52, (dubbed the ‘Chicken of the Sea’ by the New York Post) charges towards the tragedy, if convicted of all charges.

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