Homs, Syria – It’s terribly sad these journalists have died, and they knew what they were getting into. But the reports from these journalists indicating that this is the ‘worst war in the world’ seems to be unfounded.

Marie Colvin, 55, of the London’s, Sunday Times (owned by NewsCorpFox)  and correspondent for CNN, was killed along with war photographer Remi Ochlik, 28, today in Homs, Syria. Many in the World remember Colvin for her identifiable patch over her left eye, which she lost during a conflict in Sri Lanka in 2001. The details of exactly how they were killed, has not been disclosed, but it seems they were hit by shelling today, as nearly 100 people are killed every day in Homs.

But the Government of Syria suggest these killings have been initiated by terrorists and they are NOT responsible for any killings.

Do they not remember Darfur, Sudan? Estimates from the UN say that 70,000 were killed by the Sudanese government but many put that even 4-5 times higher. How many more innocent children must die before the world steps up and does something? Will the genocide continue?

The people of Darfur wanted nothing more than freedom, and the Sudanese government has been accused of genocide in the killing and displacement of millions. To date the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad’s regime has been accused of killing 4-5000 in the past year.

War is terrible no matter where it occurs, but sadly, the victims of war are truly the innocent, seeing a two-year old dying in the arms of their fathers, is the worst of the worst.

The world must step up and help these helpless people now. In Darfur and in Syria, and anywhere else it may occur. What is the reason that China and Russia denied to get involved in the Syrian conflict? Does it have anything to do with money?

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