Giglio Island, Italy – It has been revealed that the Costa Concordia Captain, Francesco Schettino, 52, (dubbed the ‘Chicken of the Sea’ by the New York Post)  had cocaine in his hair follicles just after the tragedy.

Cocaine can stay in the hair follicles for anywhere from three to 12 months, and it doesn’t have to be a hair from the head. Schettino, is now under house arrest in Italy, and charges have been laid. (prosecution wants him to serve 2697 years)

Approximately 35 people have been reported dead so far with another 15 still missing.

The Concordia is still laying on its side off the coast and salvage operations are underway.

They are continuing to remove the fuel and oil and is expected to take several months. A class action law suit is underway for the surviving passengers, 4200, who are launching the suit against the parent company, Carnival Cruise Lines, in Miami, Florida.

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