February 13/2012 – Toronto, Canada – You can clearly see by the video, that Bell FibeTV offers many new features, how wonderful. They tell you this, but they don’t tell you everything, they leave out the part where it will cost you extra money. Yes, by the end of the month if you have your twitter, or facebook feed on the TV constantly, that go towards your allowed bandwidth for the month.


This is something that is held very close to the vest, and it is unlikely you will be told anything about this if/when you sign up for Bell FibeTV. The smallest allowed with any package, appears to be 25 GB and what that means is the amount of uploads/downloads you make on your computers in the house. An example would be if you downloaded a movie from Netflix, that would be almost 1 GB of data for your total computer usage for the month. Once you go over that 25GB you get charged extra. And that counts towards anything you watch online from YouTube videos or any ads that pop up on your screen while you are surfing, it all counts towards your bandwidth. But does Bell FibeTV tell you all about that?   NO.

Are the big guys ripping us off, if we allow this, it will continue unless people step up and say,  NO …

An article in The Toronto Star recently explains what the big guys are doing to our internet access.

“Net Neutrality is the governing principle of the Internet that requires that Internet service providers not discriminate including speeding up or slowing down Web content based on its source, ownership or destination. Net neutrality protects our ability to direct our own online activities. With net neutrality in place, a network’s job is to move data in a non-discriminatory manner, based on what people want.” If we allow this to continue, we will be sitting in the slow lane, and only those that pay extra, will be allowed in the passing/fast  lane. That’s what they call bandwidth throttling.

These apps that Bell FibeTV is pushing, increase their income without explaining it to us, although they do mention it very briefly when you activate, but who reads that stuff.

The deceptions started the first day when they were in our lobby, showing  their Bell FibeTV, was a channel they were promoting. It was HD Net and one of my favourite shows, Prison Break, I was ready to sign up immediately. But no, HD Net was not available, on Bell FibeTV. After I asked some tough questions, which they hesitated to answer, they told me, “Yes, you can record four (4) shows at once,” not mentioning that I can ONLY record 2 High Definition (HD) and 2 Standard (SD) at once, however after complaints, they have upped that to 3 HD and 1 SD. (Although that may not be available everywhere, and there could be an embargo on the extra recording channel.

It’s happening in the USA too, on phones, CLICK HERE to see video.

I just watched a Bell FibeTV advertisement last week, and they are still continuing the “sham” they still say on the ad, “you can record 4 programs at once.” Why are the hiding this information? Why not tell us everything?

The ads Bell FibeTV are running also say the packages start at around $30, I’m not sure what ‘PACKAGE’ that gives you, but we pay $150 per month, even with all our problems.

They did the same thing at the sales pitch, “You can pause live TV” but failed to mention, only on one receiver. But now, they do allow ‘pause live TV’ on all receivers, after consumer complaints.

You must decide for yourself, but do the research, and when you call, be sure to get the name of the person you talked to, and write it down. Because Bell is famous for saying, “who told you that?” and we always get so many different answers.

But when Bell FibeTV is working properly, it is one of the best systems in the market, but be cautious when you call because they are famous for giving, “stock answers.”

To read more about our experiences since November 2010, CLICK HERE, we are still waiting for our credits for poor service, which we have not received.

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