On screen ‘scrolling tickers’ started around 911 and they have continued to this day. It appears now that CNN is taking it to the next level, as seen here, they are taking up 25% of the actual screen view and distracting from watching the TV.

It’s not such a big deal to me, since I never really look at them, but now that CNN has chosen to increase the size during this Presidential Election it is just taking too much space. When something you want to see the original picture, it is obstructed by the stupid ‘scrolling ticker’ which is now taking up almost half the screen. They don’t even remove it when they show a picture or video, when you need to see the bottom of a photo.

Am I the only one getting annoyed by these ‘tickers’ and if so, maybe I should just read online, but it’s even worse there. You now have to scroll down about three times to get past all the advertising, well online that is part of life, but on my home TV, please let me see the show. And why don’t they just use it for ‘BREAKING NEWS’ instead of having it 24/7, all the time?

What’s next, ‘tickers’ at the top of the screen too, and then we get a five inch screen to watch, no thanks, I’ll go elsewhere.

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