Milwaukee, Wisconsin – David Carter, 44, (but about 40 when he committed suicide) was found in his home alone last week when an agent came to his house to serve foreclosure papers. He had no immediate family, but he had told his friends (some friends?) that he was moving to New Mexico in 2007, but his almost skeletonized remains were found with a handgun laying on his chest. He was identified by dental records.

He went four years without paying any bills, but I guess in his case, he had no need for hydro, water or cable. How sad, that no-one would have dropped by his house, for anything.

His mother had died of cancer in 1997 and he became very depressed and started drinking heavily, but it appears he does have a daughter who is reported as being 14 now, and she may be entitled to his assets, if he has any. Since he has not been around for the last four years, the city had cleared his snow and mowed his lawn to the tune of $37,000, which was added to his tax roles, and still outstanding.

He was a college graduate and worked for the city of Milwaukee as a nuisance control officer, whatever that could entail.

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