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Indianapolis, Indiana – Yes, indeed, it happened again, a “malfunction” of sorts, but it wasn’t Madonna at the XLIV (46) Super Bowl in Indianapolis last night as M.I.A. a British rapper (I didn’t know who she was either) “flipped the bird.”

It’s not as if this has never happened before, eight years ago a similar infraction occurred when Janet Jackson had a mysterious “wardrobe malfunction” and sent everyone into an uproar.

Have these TV networks heard of a time delay, where they can watch for this kind of incident so that families can shield their children from such actions. The NFL tout the game as a family affair, and allow such action from the performers, as over 100  million are watching from all over the world.

NBC is now owned by Comcast, and may have some other solutions, where heads may roll.

Oh yes, by the way, New York Giants won 21-17 and beat the new England Patriots, but not many are talking about that. Was the ‘malfunction,’ planned by M.I.A. or was it spontaneous, you decide.

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