New York City, NY – As you can see by the video, a man enters his Bronx home as NYPD police are in pursuit and forcibly enter his home without a warrant. Police account of the incident is very different and since the officers involved have been reassigned since shooting and killing the victim Ramarley Graham, 18, in his own home without a warrant or probable cause to enter his home. Graham by all means was no saint, and does have a criminal background, but the police chasing him like this and entering his house, is clearly wrong, by any standard.

Police claim they thought he had a gun, but no gun was found in the house. He was chased into the house and ran upstairs and his only crime appears to be, he was flushing his marijuana down the toilet before he was shot dead. It also appears that the fact he was a black man had nothing to do with it, although New York City does have an ordnance which allows them to ‘Stop-and-frisk’ anyone for any reason, and the communities have said a large amount of the blacks and Hispanics are the ones being targeted unfairly.

UPDATE: March 6/2012 – Here’s an example (BELOW) of the ‘stop and frisk’ policy in NYC, and it seems the cops don’t even want to be filmed.

And just for the record, I’m white.

“The shooting is drawing the kind of close scrutiny reminiscent of the killing of Sean Bell, who died in a hail of 50 police bullets in Queens in November 2006.” As stated in Frontlines, and caused a huge uproar from the black community at the time.

In a related story in the Toronto Star today (March 9/2011) about “Toronto police stop and document black and brown people far more than whites” brings up a similar problem here.

I remember many years ago, when Toronto police were ‘running a suspect over the radio’ they would identify the suspect as, black, white, or non-white?

Why is everyone else called non-white? I’m not sure if they still do it, but it suggested to me that the police in Toronto, appeared to think that the ‘white race’ was/is the superior race. Why would they not say, ‘non-black’ for all other races?

UPDATE: To add insult to the death, the grandmother was arrested and detained for questioning and held for seven hours. Final funeral arrangements have not been disclosed for the 18, year-old victim.

Just a note how the video was captured: The family had high-resolution cameras around their house which recorded the whole incident, and was turned over to the NYPD, and because of that, they could not go with the officers original story.

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