Highly publicized and promoted new Fox TV series, Alcatraz hit the TV screen a few weeks ago, and the main point of the show has not been revealed yet. The story is about prisoners from the year 1963 who disappear/escape from the prison and show up in present day life (2012) but have not aged a day in 50 years. The first four shows did not reveal why they are in present day with their same appearance and it is somewhat of a mystery with secret plot lines, which don’t disclose why they have not aged.

Many scenarios are circulating on the blogosphere/internets, suggesting that it may be a time travel revelation, but it seems more to me that the prisoners went into some kind of illegal medical experimental treatment to retain their 1963 looks. I believe there have been four episodes so far and there is still no indication as to why these men have not aged in 50 years.

It does have a lot of merit and I do like the concept, but keeping info from the viewers is not the route to take. People will follow for a few weeks but if you do not give them some reasons soon, you will lose any viewers you already have.

After the first two episodes some people started to think it wasn’t fiction, and started to take the guided tour of the real-life Alcatraz in San Francisco, and went on the tour, only to go off the tour route and try to find the secret control room laboratory beneath the actual Alcatraz, which is not there. It’s a TV series, it’s not real people.

But they better hurry up and tell us wRead hy these prisoners, have not aged in 50 years. Read More  CLICK HERE

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