Toronto, Canada – It’s hard to believe, but the Government of Canada called Sun News Network (Quebecor) to ask them to hold a (fake Citizenship Ceremony) at the Sun News channel in downtown Toronto last October, but wasn’t revealed until yesterday.

It definitely crosses the line of journalism that a sitting Government would contact a news outlet to get them to do a story. The media are suppose to be the one who watches the Government, and yet in this case it seems the Sun News Network are acting as the puppet of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The ‘Fake citizens’ were in fact civil servants of the federal government.
The Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who was under fire yesterday during the House of Commons question period, said “logistical problems,” and even though there were 13 other scheduled ceremonies, he still wanted to go ahead with the ‘fake’ one.

A Sun News staff member even wrote “Let’s do it. We can fake the oath,” but the name on the email was not disclosed.

It is truly such a wonderful ceremony when it is REAL and although I have never been to one, I have seen people coming out from receiving their Canadian Citizenship. It was emotional for me as I experienced the joy they felt, as becoming free, and REALLY Canadian.

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