New York City, NY Someone is eating spaghetti on the subway, and someone comments “Animal” and the food fight begins. But what is the protocol, or proper etiquette for eating in the subways, transit system? NYC has already removed garbage cans from some platforms, in a project to discourage people from bringing too much garbage, that hasn’t worked, they leave it behind.

We’ve all been on the transit system when someone is eating a bag of chips, a chocolate bar, but a whole meal in a large take out container, is that going over the line. And then what happens to the leftovers, are they left behind in the transit vehicle?

We all have an opinion on this, and it just annoys everyone, especially with some of the smells of McDonalds and tuna salad sandwiches. It also helps feed the rodents that travel the system, and sometimes even come into the cars, and throwing the trash, can start fires on the tracks. Some people toss the leftover ‘dinner’ onto the train tracks, and feeds our friends.

It’s already against the rules in NYC subways to drink coffee, and now they are considering a ban on food, with a fine of $250 for eating in the train or on the platform. Is this something that could be coming to the TTC in Toronto? We may not have as many rats in our transit system, but we sure have mice, and they love to eat too.

It’s already getting unbearable with people and their huge backpacks, as they try to maneuver around the subway cars, and now with so many people using their iPads and book readers, it’s difficult moving around without bumping someone.

Do we need a food fight on our subway before eating full course meals is banned? I always thought most people would use good discretion on the transit system, and the odd bag of chips or chocolate bar would be okay, but give me a break, a full course meal in a large takeout container, no thanks.

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