Giglio Island, Italy – The death toll has risen to 16 confirmed dead and the fuel removal is expected to begin on Saturday. Many ships are currently on site for salvage purposes and a large ship is expected to  offload the 500,000 gallons of fuel. Many are still missing but rescuers claim they have checked every cabin and found no more survivors. The salvage crew SMIT  from The Netherlands, has been charged with the removal of the fuel and salvage operations.

In a statement on theiwebsite, Costa Cruises  said Tuesday, January 24/2012  “The company has never offered any discount on future cruises to guests who were on board the Costa Concordia for the cruise of January 13th and involved in the tragic accident. The information published by a newspaper and reported in various news outlets is totally unfounded”

A recent audio of the original statement from the Captain Francesco Schettino, and promoted in 2006  (Dubbed ‘Chicken of the Sea by The New York Post) has been released and can be heard on  The Telegraph UK website  regarding  black-out claims. Schettino is still under house arrest and charged with manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing a shipwreck.

As reported by Reuters Captain Schettino was told to ‘sail past’ the coast,

“Fabri … anyone else in my place wouldn’t have been so nice as to go there because they were breaking my balls, saying ‘go there, go there’,” Schettino says in the conversation taped while he was being held following his arrest over the incident.

“…the rock was there but it didn’t show up in the instruments I had and I went there … to satisfy the manager, ‘go there, go there’.”

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