(Near) – Giglio Island, Italy – An unidentified Costa Concordia staff/crew member in her black blouse is making an announcement to the passengers just after the accident occurred, or the electrical problem surfaced. She says “But I ask you couteously, go back to cabins, and sitted down, everything is under control.” (her words not mine)

I’m sure the 13 dead and almost 24 missing would have a different take on that.

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A little cruise history, we all remember Titanic sinking on it’s maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City in April 14/1912, when 1522 died and only 705 were rescued by the Carpathia on April 15/1912.
Many have said the accident reminds them of the Titanic, but it reminds me more of the motion picture Poseidon Adventure, 1972 where the ship completely turns over and passengers must make their way to the stern and exit through the propellers. But then, that was not real, it was a movie, the Costa Concordia is real.

Since the official ‘Costa Concordia’ website, (only a statement is available) is shutdown right now, let me list some of the amenities that were on board during the cruise. There was a 65,000 square foot fitness centre, four swimming pools, a casino, five restaurants, discotheque, 13 bars and many other features, which are all gone now.

I haven’t read it before but the people of Giglio Island, Italy must be given a great deal of thanks for their help in this tragedy. Many came forward and brought supplies and blankets to the many that were rescued and even offered lodging to those that needed it, well done.

If you are unable to read the book, at the very least checkout Cruise Critic  for information about the cruise line or your ship, and tips galore.

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