(Near) – Giglio Island, Italy – There was no need to panic and abandon ship, because it was just a small electrical problem and everything was under control, a week ago today as the Costa Concordia hit a huge rock while coming close to Italy’s coastline.
Those were basically the words coming from the officers and staff during one of the most horrific tragedies at sea in the past decade. Many say it was like the Titanic, but more like the Poseidon Adventure 1972, but then that was just a movie, not the real thing.
Dean and Georgia appeared on Dr. Phil today to explain their experience as they were rescued from the disaster. It appears they were so embarrassed they didn’t even want to disclose their full names as they appeared on an “Exclusive” episode saying they had taken between 60-75 cruises over their lifetime.Something that I haven’t read about the crash was it occurred on Friday the 13th, and 11 confirmed dead and over 20 still missing.

CAUTION: This may be distasteful to some.

Contrary to many, I think it would be the best time to book a cruise, if that’s your style. Not me.
“Hello, this is Carnival Cruise Lines, may I help you?” Yes, do you have any vacancies for next week?
It truly would be the best time to find a vacancy, and I’m sure there will be lot’s of cancellations, and I’m sure you would get a discount price, but be sure to get life insurance.

Thinking of life insurance, have any of these over 20 people missing, may be missing, because they have life insurance? It’s sad to think of that, but in this day and age it doesn’t, wouldn’t, surprise me.

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