(Near) – Giglio Island, Italy – UPDATE: Many updates today of Costa Concordia ship ran around last Friday and now there is a fear it may fall off the rock it is sitting on 200 feet above the sea bead. If it comes loose with a pending storm approaching, it could fall to the bottom with the 500,000 gallons of fuel, and they can only withstand the pressure of 60 feet below the surface.
It appears an environmental disaster is within sight and the government has placed oil/fuel booms around the shoreline, but will that help.

Rescue efforts have currently been suspended with the onslaught of a heavy storm and the fact that the ship has been moving the last few days, putting the rescue teams in peril.

If the ship falls off the rock and falls 200 feet to sea bottom, there is a fear that the 17 gas tanks could implode, causing an even worse situation.

Captain Francesco Schettino dubbed ‘Chicken of the Sea’ who is still under house arrest has returned to his home in Italy and found “spray painting” on the outside of his house. Everyone around the world would suspect it was negative but indeed some people are regarding him as a hero, if you can believe it.

We must admit we have not heard his side of the story, other than “I tripped and fell into the lifeboat.”  but he is still considered innocent until he is convicted.

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