New York City – New York City may have the answer to concealed weapons as they announce a new infrared device that can find guns from 13 feet away. It is hoped with more research and improvements they can extend it to 60 feet.
For many years in New York City they have had a ‘stop-and-frisk’ policy where anyone can be stopped without cause and checked for any handguns, and civil rights groups like New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) have been up in arms about the practice.
In all the searches very few guns have been found (500,000 searches a year) and the civil rights groups say that the NYPD have been targeting blacks and Hispanics in most cases.

The new infrared device scanner which uses new technology and working with the Pentagon the device will be able to scan individuals from a distance and determine if they have a gun or suicide vest on their body.
It works in conjunction with the heat from the body and will leave an outline of the object, vest, thus requiring a more intense search.

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