(Near) – Giglio Island, Italy – Yes, as strange as it is to believe, it has been reported that the Captain Francesco Schettino of the grounded Costa Concordia, off the coast of Italy has said “I tripped and fell into the lifeboat.” Stranger still, is the lifeboat he fell into, had other officers from the ship in the exact same lifeboat. Coincidence? You decide.

He is currently under house arrest and could be charged with abandoning ship, and manslaughter due to the 11 dead, so far. About two dozen are still missing and considered dead, while the salvage crews are starting to move in.

The reports of those rescued have a different take and say it was complete chaos when the ship struck a rock about 200 metres off shore at about 9:45 pm (local time) When the ship was struck last Friday it wasn’t until one of the passengers called police almost an hour later and alerted officials of the tragedy. No one has reported seeing any officers helping with the escape plans, and it appears it was the staff who assisted most of the 4200 passengers to safety.

Schettino has admitted to the mistake and says “I turned to late,” to avoid the rock which opened the side of the ship and remained stuck in the vessel.

Lots of information is available about the accident with graphics showing where the ship normally sails, and it is not the first time it has sailed so close to shore in Italy. The LLyod’s List online journal is a great resource to get more real information from Maritime shipping experts.

As you can still see almost a week later the rock that was hit is still embedded in the side of the Costa Concordia.

Carnival Cruise Lines is the parent company of Costa Cruise Lines so no matter what ship you travel on dangers could exist, are you willing to take the ‘PLUNGE?’

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