(Near) – Giglio Island, Italy – A terrible tragedy as the huge cruise liner Costa Ships Concordia ran aground just 50 feet off the coast of Italy. Dozens are still missing and six have been reported dead as of today, while rescue teams are still looking for survivors.

Ship Captain Francesco Schettino was reported at least four miles off course as the ship ran aground and hit rocks opening the side of the ship. He has been charged with manslaughter and accused of abandoning his ship. (pictured below)

Even with the technological new mapping systems and satellite tracking it will be interesting to see how Schettino will be able to explain this, and he was one of the first off the ship as it grounded.

The cruise ship was carrying over 4000 passengers and is one of the largest in the Costa Ship fleet of almost 20. The cruise line website has closed down the information about the Concordia but have an updated message about the accident.

All of Costa Ships can be seen HERE

I didn’t even know that people were still taking cruises due to the dangers involved, and yet I’m sure this will not change any minds. What really boggles my mind, is that people would take children, toddlers on such a ship, which is like a 15/20 storey skyscraper in the ocean.

(Above) Picture of the Costa Ships Concordia in a somewhat upright position, during accident.

Our condolences to all the families and friends of all that have died and I’m sure all the others will be distraught for many years to come.

UPDATE: There is now great concern that the fuel from the ship may be leaking and the environmental ministry of Italy is taking precautions to head off any further incidents.

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